Theta waves are brain waves that oscillate between the frequencies of 4 Hz to 8 Hz (cycles per second). They have been linked to subconscious processing, intuition, and learning. Children tend to have significantly more theta activity than adults, though deep meditation can also increase it.

Hyperfocus, a highly intense form of concentration on a particular subject, allows the brain to come up with unique solutions or perspectives. It is a phenomenon observed among individuals with high levels of theta waves. There is also indication that theta waves are tied to supernatural, paranormal, and other spiritual experiences.


Depending on who you ask, the organization Theta is a modern-day Underground Railroad for mutants, a terrorist group of anarchists and sociopaths, or something in between. Even its own members often disagree on its scope and purpose, though the hidden counsel that oversees the organization certainly has their own agenda.

Theta is organized in cells, with each member knowing only as many of the others as is absolutely necessary, but within that framework, the group manages a surprising level of effectiveness. Oba Mae manages to keep most of Theta’s activities secret, but they have publicized the existence of the group, and branded them as a domestic terrorist group aimed at disrupting the US government.

Whatever additional goals they may have, Theta’s primary mission is to reach mutants whose powers have just manifested, before they are found by Oba Mae, to give them the option of escape. Theta maintains a few safehouses in most major cities in the US for this purpose, funded either by donations from mutants and their families, or by members who are less bothered by operating outside the law.

Skye, a British mutant with the useful ability to become invisible, is one of the heads of the San Francisco cell of Theta.


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