The Kahnemans

The Kahneman Family was the unwitting catalyst for Kayleigh McCarrick, Micah Phillips, and Tim Erebus to awaken their mutant abilities.

Daniel Kahneman, economist and financier, is the owner of the (rather pompously named) Hollister House estate, and an impressive collection of art. He hired Micah to build a security system for an expensive ancient Greek statuette he recently acquired.

Mitzy Kahneman, trophy wife, is the owner of a circle of society pseudo-friends, the (rather pompously named) Burke Alumni Art Preservation Club, and an impressive collection of chemical dependencies. Her friend, Vivian Betancourt, hired Tim to locate a valuable antique necklace that was recently stolen.

Penelope “Poppi” Kahneman, mediocre design student at the prestigious UC Berkeley, is the owner of a pink BMW convertible, a rather pompous attitude, and an impressive collection of expensive trinkets bought by Daddy and likely to be stolen by her “friend” and classmate, Kayleigh.

The Kahnemans

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