Emma and Ginny Matthews


Emma, 3, and Ginny, 2, are the daughters of Devan and Serena Matthews. They were in the car when a traffic accident caused the sudden manifestation of abilities in both their parents.

Because they are the children of two mutants, it is possible they may manifest powers both earlier and stronger than normal. This makes them highly desirable as research subjects for Oba Mae. In fact, one scientist became so intent on what could be learned that he was ready to bypass all research ethics and parental consent. Another researcher, Dr. Jonah Parker, had his own abilities manifest in preventing this, and he assisted Devan and Serena in escaping.

After encountering Theta, however, Dr. Parker convinced Serena that the toddlers would be safer within the law than on the run. She left a note explaining this to the rest of the group, and they made a quiet departure, to meet up with a trusted colleague of Dr. Parker. Their whereabouts are currently unknown.

Emma and Ginny Matthews

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